10 Poker Tips on Holdem - Get Offline and Learn

10 Poker Tips on Holdem – Get Offline and Learn

Playing Holdem on the internet has become quite popular, and it should be no surprise. The game attracts all kinds of players, and is quite profitable. Though, the game is very straightforward, there is a lot of information that can be taken from this book to improve ones game.

Many of the tips and ideas in this book can be applied to both cash games and tournaments. Some of the Hence tips on Holdem can really be helpful especially when playing online.

  1. Get offline and read a book or two. Yes, the internet is a fast way to learn many things, but time is spent reading e-books all the time. Studying is a great way to increase ones skill and this is very applicable to poker too.
  2. Hands-On learning and practicing. Unfortunately, most of the learning and practicing is done online, and one must sit behind a monitor and hit buttons to play one of the most exciting games ever invented, but it is all done offline.
  3. Hands-On learning and practicing again. This time, the player will sit in front of a webcam and can see other players in the tournament. It will be an amazing experience and a learning experience too.
  4. Large tournaments with all comfy arrangements. Internet players are very adept at online poker and cannot grasp the concept of a large tournament. The physical aspects are quite irrelevant in online games because the main concepts are all about the cards you hold and how you use them.
  5. Hand to Hand combat scenarios in online poker help make the point that it is more realistic and less mentally draining to play against others in a live poker game
  6. The overall polish of the game online sets it far ahead of the physical poker games found in casinos and on the Internet. The computer generated graphics, sounds and effects used all over the poker web sites give an unrealistic video gaming feel. In contrast, the live casino poker games are much more real than those found on the web.
  7. Poker on the internet is much less volatile than poker in person. This is because when playing poker online, there is no Californ mortar and Smokey and the Bandit to remind you of the volatile environment of playing poker in person. And too many players in person games can make the game less profitable for you and the others.
  8. The stakes are higher in online games. But at the same time, the risks are higher. You may be taking more risks than you would in person games. The reason is that you have to be a lot more alert and determined in online games and your opponents are not as physically reachable. In person games, you can kick it with the best of it and bet aggressively.
  9. Maybe the biggest difference between playing online and playing poker in person is the mental and psychological effects. When you play poker in person, you have at least half an idea of what is happening on the other side of the table. You can read their eyes, their expression, can guess (not always correctly) what hand they have, and know by the body language if they are bluffing or not. But with online poker, you have NO CLUE as to what the other guy is holding. You can’t read people. You can only read betting patterns and similar tells, but no psychology or “tells” either.
  10. When playing poker online, you can play at more than one table at a time. This is very uncommon in person games. In person games, you have limited space, and a player can only play as many hands as they can. But when you play online, you can play at as many tables as you want! And if you have more than one computer, you can even play at more than one computer at a time.

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