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I was looking at greenback progressives and discovered a 9/6 Triple Double Reward Poker sport the place the royal was at $5,300, aces without a kicker were being at $1,400, and the two kicker jackpots were being just a bit higher than reset. It was a bartop game, the meters rose by 1% with each individual greenback played, and no person was playing it.

I have not played a good deal of progressives, but I was rather certain this was favourable. I went to my hotel area, checked my computer, and located out it was proper at about 101%, including the slot club. I produced a strategy employing the Wizard of Odds Video Poker Strategy Calculator, studied that, practiced the match on WinPoker for about 20 minutes, and headed down to enjoy.

I knew heading in that this was a heaven-or-hell sport. The variance on this video game is about 125. Evaluating that to other game titles, Jacks or Much better is 19.5, Deuces Wild is 28, and Double Double Reward is 42. 

It took me 4 hrs to drop $3,000 — and that is even while I strike a $2,020 jackpot with 33334. I was exhausted and decided to stop and come back again the subsequent working day.

When I went back again, my substantial issue was being forward $2,200 after six hrs.  I had managed to strike that similar $2,200 jackpot two times additional, and then managed to reduce all of that plus a further $1,000 more than the next a few hours. 

I took a quick split. When I returned, the aces jackpot was extra than $1,600 though the aces with a kicker jackpot was a lot more than $4,300. I wasn’t beneficial, but I assumed that with the aces jackpot so higher, on a hand like AAA35, the appropriate perform now was AAA somewhat than AAA3. I did that the one time I got these a hand, and afterwards held just a simple AA and was dealt the other two devoid of a kicker for a $1,695 jackpot.

Even while the royal was at $5,500 now and the aces with a kicker jackpot was also high, I was pretty guaranteed it was no extended a great enjoy. When I bought again to my laptop or computer, I confirmed this was only a 99.6% video game right before the slot club, with the slot club now staying really compact. No thanks.

The point that I finished up getting rid of $2,100 was to some degree disappointing, but not a major offer. If you’re going to be playing this video game, that sort of final result must be pretty popular. I did not set out to produce this as a way to vent around getting rid of so a lot revenue.

What struck me about this activity is the range of situations you are drawing a person card to a major hand. In most game titles, when you’re dealt 4 to the royal, you have a 1-card attract to 4,000 cash. In Double Double Reward, you also have one particular-card draws to AAAA, 2222, 3333, and 4444 for reasonably substantial fingers. But in this match, you also have that attract to AAA2, AAA3, AAA4, 222A, 2223, 2224, 333A, 3332, 3334, 444A, 4442, and 4443. And these jackpots are generally for 2,000 or 4,000 coins!

If you’re the variety of human being who emotionally dies when you miss a a single-card draw — this must not be a video game you consider. The over fingers are mainly 46-to-1 shots (that is, a person achievements just about every 47 attempts, on typical), and it is not that unusual to go 100 or additional such draws in a row devoid of connecting. And if you’re not connecting on these attracts, you’re getting rid of big time. You only get paid out 10 coins for 3-of-a-form, when compared to the more-common 15, and this adds up quickly. Plus, you’re breaking aces entire, deuces complete, treys entire, and fours comprehensive — whether they incorporate a kicker or not. 

For these who perform the very same recreation on a regular basis, regardless of what that game is, you get a sensation with how speedy it can go undesirable on those people instances when it does go poor. I have people reference factors for a lot of online games. But this recreation goes down faster. It goes up more rapidly far too. These big jackpots occur out of nowhere. It’s just a different practical experience than I was applied to.

The tactic for the recreation was strange to me. You on a regular basis keep 3-card flushes made up of a king, queen, or jack, and also 3-card flushes with no significant card at all. You desire any 3-card royal to a pair of jacks, queens, or kings. And you like an unsuited QJT to a suited QT but not a suited JT. I’ve witnessed all of these performs before, but if I hadn’t long gone dwelling or to my lodge space, appeared at the tactic, and practiced on the personal computer, I would have made many, many faults. I believe the same is true for most gamers who are not common with this video game.

I’ll play this recreation yet again when I see such an opportunity. I just don’t be expecting it to occur pretty usually simply because I don’t on a regular basis see this game with progressives on it. And unless of course it has at minimum a 1% edge, I’m not interested. A 1% edge is larger than I typically insist upon just before playing online video poker, but the substantial variance eats you up at periods. A 1% cushion safeguards me to some degree.

Someday, I suppose, I’ll see Triple Triple Reward Poker with large sufficient progressives. This recreation pays 4,000 coins for 2222A, 3333A, and 4444A and pays for that by shorting the straight from 20 coins to 15. That activity will have a increased variance nonetheless. And due to the fact it is not currently supported in the Wizard of Odds Video Poker Tactic Calculator, it’ll choose me for a longer period to get up to pace. But if I see a 1½% edge or larger, I’ll be up for it.


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