All of Wu Yi Fan’s Movies, Variety Shows, MVs, and Videos Removed From All Chinese Streaming Sites After His Arrest, Fans of Zhang Zhe Han’s Dramas Scrambling to Download Before His Are Deleted

It’s funny that international viewers can enjoy Chinese entertainment and the forget that it’s still a one party communist country where any perceived freedom of expression is a leeway and not a right. The social contract that binds each person to his/her community and country is even more absolute in China and ergo the consequences more severe where there is a violation of a common agreement whether in behavior or belief. C-star Wu Yi Fan’s downfall is basically inked in stone, he has been formally arrested for alleged rape and will not be out on bail during the investigation and prior to his trial date. With the arrest the China Association of Performing Arts has issued an official ban and within one day every single project he participated in has been removed from Chinese streaming sites. It includes movies, MVs, variety show episodes that include him, CFs, and any videos whether official or fanmade. There is a lot of innocent other stars affected by this but no one is objecting lest they get on the wrong side of the heavy handed government response. On another similar topic, Zhang Zhe Han’s Chinese fans have either deserted him or is laying low but his I-fans have been fully on his side and criticizing his cancellation for visiting Yasukuni Shrine. Those fans are now facing also a potential removal and deletion of his dramas and videos from streaming sites, it hasn’t happened yet but I would grab what you want now because it may be all one has of Zhang Zhe Hans body of work as an actor.

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