Building Necklaces From Las Vegas Clay Poker Chips

Several men and women are starting to go about the course of action of developing necklaces from Las Vegas Clay Poker Chips! If you are searching for a one of a kind reward to give your poker buddies, this can make a superb choice! Now all of your relations, good friends, and other unique people today in your lifestyle can enjoy their extremely own piece of Las Vegas! In this guideline, you will be launched to the materials that are essential to create these fantastic conversational parts, as very well as the instructions on how to generate a distinctive present for just about anybody!

Elements Desired:

o A range of Las Vegas Clay Poker Chips

o An assortment of necklace chains with the clasp layout of your choice

o An assortment of pendant loops that match the necklace chains

o Craft jewels that are gold, silver, or crimson in color

o Clear coat

o Hot glue gun

o Hot glue gun sticks

o Craft drill or standard drill working with the smallest drill bit


1.The to start with issue that you want to do is to acquire a assortment of Pro Clay Poker Chips. You might elect to buy a Poker Chips Established, or merely an assortment of Poker Chips acquired from a lot of different sets.

2.The moment you have the Clay Poker Chips that you will use, it is critical to consider the necklace chains and pendant loops that you have purchased and match them up with the chips. You will want to build just about every necklace in these kinds of a way that chain, chip, and loop colours are complimenting every other.

3.Next, acquire the obvious coat that you have acquired and completely deal with one side of the chip. You need to let this aspect to completely dry and then flip the chip and go over the remaining side. You must allow for this aspect to dry just before continuing to the future stage.

4.Now that the Las Vegas Clay Poker Chips that you are making use of to produce your one of a kind necklaces has dried, it is time to drill the gap into the prime of the chip with both a craft drill or a standard drill employing the smallest drill bit. When done, just take a smooth cloth and brush away any shavings that might be remaining on the chip.

5.The moment this is performed, determine which facet of the Clay Poker Chip will be the facial area of the necklace. As soon as you have done this, plug in the hot glue gun and consider out the craft jewels that you have bought for the products. You can elect to set one particular jewel somewhere on the deal with or numerous – the preference is yours.

6.After the glue gun is all set, put a little volume of glue on the back again aspect of every craft jewel that you want to area on the Poker Chip. Then, very carefully position the jewel in put. It is vital to do this frivolously at first. This way, if the jewel does not fit accurately as you like, you can regulate without the need of messing up the chip.

7.As soon as the jewel is where by you want it, push down and keep for approximately 20 to thirty seconds. This will guarantee that the jewel is firmly hooked up.

8.If you like, you may possibly now put one more layer of apparent coat on the encounter of the chip, making sure that you cover the jewel that you have just placed on the piece.

9.Now, take the pendant loop and thrust it via the gap that you drilled in the Las Vegas Clay Poker Chips. At the time in position, you are completely ready for the remaining move.

10. The moment the pendant loop is in place, get one particular of the necklace chains and slide it by means of the loop. Now, you have a stunning and distinctive necklace composed of reliable Clay Poker Chips!

If you have been considering offering a exclusive present to an individual, or choosing on a unique present for various, producing necklaces from Las Vegas Clay Poker Chips is a amazing plan! The receiver of this exceptional present is positive to cherish it for a lot of decades to come!

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