C-drama Adaptation of The Golden Hairpin Costing Over $45 Million USD in Production Costs Currently Banned From Airing After Male Lead Wu Yi Fan is Detained on Suspicion of Rape and Drug Distribution

This may be a blessing in disguise in terms of timing, and honestly the sooner Wu Yi Fan is exposed and locked away the better as well. Upcoming C-drama adaptation of The Golden Hairpin (青簪行) based on the novel Recordings in a Hairpin (簪中录) was slated to be one of the most high profile and expensive productions to air this year in 2021. Promos hadn’t yet started when male lead Wu Yi Fan was accused two weeks ago of drugging and raping young women, including minors, and now he’s been detained by the Beijing police on those serious allegations. The Golden Hairpin, however, is faultless other than having cast a likely criminal as the male lead and now the drama has formally been banned from airing as filmed. That leaves female lead Yang Zi, the entire cast, and the production in a lurch, this was supposed to vault her yet again into a new level of popularity with the drama being female centric with a strong character to play. The production reportedly cost over $45 million USD on the low side upward of $80 million USD to produce according to speculation from industry insiders. Any talk of re-filming would require spending more money down the drain and reportedly it’s impossible to re-assemble the cast as the drama finished filming last year. Replacing Wu Yi Fan’s face with a digitally inserted face of another actor brought in to play the male lead will only be absurd as the technology is nowhere near there to make it seamless and believable. This is also the second drama associated with The Golden Hairpin novel to have scandal, the K-drama adaptation with Park Hyung Sik was shelved after it was announced during the scandal with Joseon Exorcist and K-netizens rejected any Chinese products, influence, or works being shown on television.

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