Chinese Authority Harsh Legal Response to Wu Yi Fan’s Rape and Drug Distribution Investigation Heralds Using Him as a Warning to the Public to Not Idolize Stars

I still remember the shock of watching China’s top #1 actress and star Fan Bing Bing fall from grace three years ago in 2018 disappear suddenly and then re-emerge months later admitting and apologizing for large scale tax evasion from not reporting overseas income and having yin-yang contracts. One would think that would have scared the entire industry into behaving properly and following the law, and I mean both differently because one could be immoral but still not break any laws. What Chinese authorities want is both, and it’s been stressing strong punishment for those breaking the law and for breaking moral conduct, such as cancelling C-actress Zheng Shuang for her surrogacy scandal. With that said, to know star(s) continue to misbehave as if they are above the Chinese law really confounds me, because if I was scared of breaking the law anywhere then it’s compounded in scale when it’s the authoritarian and harsh hammer of the Mainland Chinese law and enforcement. Chinese official government newspapers are reporting broadly on the Wu Yi Fan investigation and detention reportedly at the behest of the authorities who want to use him to send a clear warning – stars will not be above the law, and blind fan idol worship and excuse making for their stars will not be condoned. To date, every single television program with Wu Yi Fan as a guest has been removed from online streaming, his Weibo and all official SNS sites as well as his main and ancillary fan sites have all been removed from the various platforms.

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