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Throughout The 21st-Century Card Counter,
Colin Jones interviews previous pupils who have gone off into the wild to ply
their trade. There’s a bit of publication bias, mainly because we don’t hear about the
prepare wrecks, but that’s comprehensible. The achievements tales are still
entertaining and academic, and consist of adequate misery. When I study
people experiences of prolonged getting rid of intervals, I send CJ a psychological thank-you for reminding
me—as he does during his book—why counting playing cards is not for everyone,
definitely not an individual as tender as I am.

Now comes “Joe” [not his real name], who turned $10k into $1 million! Do you know how difficult that is? Picture becoming thrown into prison, and digging a two-mile tunnel making use of very little but a plastic spoon. Joe did it with no the spoon! That end result, and the four-12 months journey it took, can make Joe an prompt authority on card counting in the, um, 21st century. Yeah, what Colin said.

The question I want to question Joe is: How a great deal betting or
enjoying include do you use? Apparently CJ has been divining my thoughts, for the reason that
there it is on web page 71. Joe’s reply requires no enhancing: “I rarely use any
betting address, and I never ever use playing include. I’ll under no circumstances perform a hand mistaken on
purpose to throw off the casino. … The on line casino has to be smart ample to be
fooled, and you can under no circumstances know what their thought of a card counter is. They don’t
have the identical teaching as you, so you should not presume they know almost everything you
know, or will even figure out that a mistaken enjoy designed for cover is incorrect.” Amen,
brother Joe.

I wrote about this subject matter in Exhibit CAA, back again in
2009, and with above a 10 years of additional experience, I wouldn’t improve a
word. I’d in all probability use more italics and bold, and exclamation points. Possibly a couple
emojis. Counters and other APs like to consider that each individual winning wager was because of to
their talent, and every decline thanks to “negative variance.” They like to arrive up
with uber-intelligent ploys, and then attribute their good results and longevity to individuals
ploys. Correlation does not indicate causality. Let us repeat that, all jointly

We get in touch with it FPS—Fancy-Enjoy Syndrome, and Peter Griffin warned about it in The Idea of Blackjack many years in the past. Counters want to make slick moves. They want to not only gain revenue, but sense seriously intelligent undertaking it, and then make positive everyone else sees how intelligent they are. So they about-deviate from BS. Often, I think these moi-driven counters deliberately stall on an index perform, just to give everybody a likelihood to marvel at their cleverness. I see it all the time.

I made use of to check out a gang of riffraff counters enjoy DD with each other. A handful of little cards would appear out and all of a sudden they are all betting the Fortunate Ladies. In a 50% double-deck recreation, that bet does not get good right up until a true +6.8 assuming each Queens of Hearts are are living (webpage 68 of Show CAA). And betting $100, it would be worth maybe $2/hour, but the buddy counters are all slowing each and every other down striving to look clever when they strike the sidebet.

Ian Andersen’s Burning the Tables in Las Vegas is rife with this mentality. My counterargument is the simple basic principle of ITOTKO—It Normally takes Just one To Know One particular. If you are getting viewed by a further counter, would standing on 16 v T, or A7 v T, idiot him? Of class not. Would betting hijinks—like only boosting your bet soon after a earn (in a positive count, of course)—fool him? Of class not. There is no way a card-counting engage in is heading to face up to a tape assessment by a well-informed counter catcher, unless the enjoy is so brief that the verdict is “inconclusive.”

The circumstances of greatest longevity that I’ve viewed (and I have lasted
about a 10 years at some casinos) are not thanks to standing when they considered you
must strike, or restricting guess improves to a 2x factor, or no matter what. Fairly, you
can endure a extended time if no one particular seems to be at you. How do you continue to be invisible? (1)
By staying away from the dangerous personnel. Engage in only in front of apathetic or silly
staff. (2) By masking your wins. If they imagine you are a loser, they won’t
hassle on the lookout at you. On the flip side, if they imagine you are a constant
winner, or if you even have a solitary noteworthy get, they might search at your
enjoy. And if they do, counting playing cards will not withstand a tape evaluation by
somebody who can essentially depend. (3) By preserving the classes short more than enough (maybe
just a shoe or two) that they just shrug their shoulders if you materialize to earn,
and you rotate the shifts and bosses you participate in in entrance of. (4) By working with a
disposable BP. I could go on, but I’m just repeating what I have published in Exhibit
and in on the net posts advertisement nauseam.

And if the spot is plain stupid and doesn’t at any time look at any one or know what they’re seeking at, then pound the location to sand (and thereafter into gold, of program).

New card counters are not considerably eradicated from civilians, whose 1st views about counting come from pop society. They feel Rainman understands every card coming out of the shoe. They believe card counters strike really hard 17 when they know a 4 is coming (the up coming-card-data scene with Austin Powers). They believe the cat-and-mouse activity is all about utilizing disguises to thwart facial recognition software package. (I typically get requested about my disguises, before something else.)

The dry reality is that the counter generates income by way of
heaps of hrs of betting much more when the shoe is richer, and at times much a lot more
than the traditional 1-12 or 1-16 laptop-simulated spreads. The profitable
counters I know will bet no matter what they can get away with, heatwise. If they can
get absent with a min-to-max spread, then they do it. Protect plays just go away
dollars on the table. Even betting cover is mostly pointless, for the reason that a lot of
bosses will just dislike the truth that sometimes you guess small, and in some cases
huge, and they don’t even trouble to see if the bet variation correlates to the
rely (since they probably can not depend).

The counters finding churned out by CJ’s Blackjack Apprenticeship are utilizing nominal address. I will generously say that probably Ian Andersen’s book was ideal for counters of a bygone period, but it absolutely is not the way to go in the 21st century. The major adjust is that there are so quite a few a lot more casinos now. Vegas is not the only sport in city. Today’s card counter has a lot of spots to engage in, and faces a casino expertise pool that is stretched slender. All over the country, there are twin-charge pit staff who can not rely, and who have no idea what a counter even looks like, or they’re overburdened hoping to observe eight tables at after. For a counter, laying go over is merely leaving cash on the desk. Most backoffs are dependent on participant recognition, not examination of the participate in. The modern day counter will just engage in it as really hard and very long as doable, and then just move on to the up coming casino.

The heretic Colin Jones has pretty much rewritten the ebook on card counting. Even splitting Tens is now on the desk. At my sister’s Sweet Sixteen social gathering, mama told her that splitting Tens is taboo, but is it actually taboo? You know, mama explained a great deal of points.


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