Coupang Legal Thriller Drama One Ordinary Day with Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won Off to Positive Critic and Audience Reviews

I may have beloved baes among K-actors and K-actresses but even then I have to be in the mood for their projects whether it’s genres I like or not. Kim Soo Hyun is back to start December with his thriller murder mystery and legal wrangling drama One Ordinary Day based on the BBC series Criminal Justice. It premiered last week on streaming platform Coupang Play and to date has released 4-episodes out of an 8-episode run. He’s even paired with everyone’s favorite Chajumma Cha Seung Won so it’s a double treat but I’m so far removed from wanting to watch a dark, twisty, and gritty drama I haven’t started it yet. Sorry Soo Hyun-nie but unni will get to it soon I promise! There hasn’t been that much buzz around it though, likely from the serious subject matter and the fact that it’s a streaming only drama and on a small platform. But the audience reviews and from the critics have all been glowing so it may end up a quality niche success.

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