Dispatch Article Claims Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend’s Behavior During the Relationship Contradicts Her Statement, K-netizens Don’t Buy it and Thinks its a Paid Hit Job

Well the second wave is here and this is turning into the Kim Hyun Joong scandal all over again, in the sense that it’s a reveal, then a statement, following up tabloid expose and so on and so forth. I will not be surprised if there is another K-ent news article next from the ex-girlfriend’s side contradicting and refuting this one. Dispatch just released a long article with screenshots, pictures, and containing 12 different points that it claims refute or modify what Kim Sun Ho‘s ex-girlfriend said in her first statement exposing him as not the good guy his public image has been. The article says: (1) they met at the end of 2019, started dating in March 2020 and only after dating did she reveal she was a divorcee, (2) Kim Sun Ho was conflicted initially but ultimately decided to continue dating her, (3) there were times when he caught her in a lie about where she was and she apologized but he did wonder if he should keep dating her as it may keep happening, (4) in July 2020 she got pregnant and when she tearfully told Kim Sun Ho he was happy, but after they discussed it at length it was decided to terminate the pregnancy, (5) he sent his younger brother theater hoobae close friend to accompany her to the abortion, but he was there too he just went to buy seaweed soup for her also cooked it for her for two weeks, (7) he introduced her to his parents after and she was close to his mom, (8) they decided to adopt a dog and named him Ho Ah to keep her company so she wasn’t lonely, (9) they did date in public, went to overnight trips as also day trips in Seoul, (10) he seemed to mostly paid for everything, and as she liked luxury goods and expensive things that was hard on him because he’s frugal, (11) Kim Sun Ho felt things got tough for a time related to people and things around her, such as gangsters, her ex-husband and threats, and (12) he broke up with her not because of the abortion but because of her lies to him in the past. Dispatch claims Kim Sun Ho’s apology statement was because he didn’t want his private life further exposed and he loved her, they were like an ordinary couple. So that was a lot to take in, but whether you believe everything Dispatch wrote (and same with whether you believe what the ex-girlfriend wrote), a glance at the comments from K-netizens is overwhelming not buying this article from Dispatch. The vast majority of comments believe it is a paid hit job by the tabloid to rehabilitate Kim Sun Ho, made even worse that they identified her real name in the article. For K-netizens, even if this article is all true then it just means the victim is not blameless or lily pure, but the bottom line is the abortion happened and there is no explanation or excuse to counteract that would redeem his image from pure Good Boy to shitty boyfriend who didn’t want his own unborn child.

International fans will find this article likely validating their star and can openly support him again. I think his Korean fans will feel the same way. He really is a very talented actor and has strong and positive onscreen presence, he projects a very easy to like image onscreen. But whether he can comeback (and to what degree successfully), the issue is with the broader public accepting him. No actor or actress succeeds solely on their diehard fans, real success is when the general public also likes that person. With Kim Sun Ho, viewers and audience over time through his many good performances and charming personality on variety show 1D2N grew to like him. It’s unclear at this time whether he can garner the broader support since the problem remains that he became popular for BOTH his acting ability and the projection of a really humble, likeable, good guy image.

t’s re-writing history to say he should be judged solely for his acting because he didn’t get popular solely for his acting. So if you take away the other 50%, the image, then yes he can come back solely on the acting, but he will likely never regain that toehold on the A-list because that level is reserved for stars that have both acting and good personality. Very few A-list stars can perch up there without the latter, it has been done but is very rare (case in point Lee Byung Hun). I think if Kim Sun Ho can comeback it will be through acting and try not to trigger K-netizens by trying to sell a good boy image again, and if he can one day regain that image then it will be through a long period of public revival.

As for this Dispatch article, K-netizens are so damn funny with their cutting skepticism and straight up “bullshit” radar. Even C-netizens are entertained by their counterparts commentary. Here are some:

  1. Dispatch sure has a lot of words to waste on this.
  2. The truth remains = Kim Sun Ho encouraged an abortion.
  3. So they are both shitty people, and shitty people are bound to be gather together.
  4. Kim Sun Ho is trash, so is the girl.
  5. But this doesn’t change the abortion fact.
  6. Dispatch is trash for exposing the woman’s real name.
  7. Paid to whitewash him.
  8. Kim Sun Ho paid too big a price for the abortion, he’s not the Good Boy his image projected but his fall was still too much.
  9. This is no explanation, they still didn’t use protection and then got an abortion together.
  10. Why would anyone feel sorry for Kim Sun Ho now, are you all crazy?
  11. I feel bad for Kim Sun Ho.
  12. Dispatch is still such trash, the first sentence exposes her identity.
  13. Even though Kim Sun Ho did wrong, but the woman isn’t a good person either.
  14. Why did Kim Sun Ho date this bad woman, its because his own personality and taste is problematic to begin with.
  15. How does this article change anything, both are bad.
  16. First time I’ve seen a victim’s name publicly used, Dispatch is the worst!
  17. Wow, he’s working so hard to try and claw his way back to K-ent.
  18. This is such a dirty whitewashing method, first time I’ve seen the media directly use a woman’s name in such a situation, I don’t ever want to see Kim Sun Ho onscreen again.
  19. I’m speechless, it makes me angrier to read this crap and to think they think it’s so easy to hoodwink us.
  20. What the F*&k is with the buying seaweed soup?!? Anyone can buy it at the convenience store. He sent his friend and he went to buy soup? How does that make him a good person.
  21. Kim Seaweed.
  22. Why doesn’t he swim into the ocean to get the seaweed, at least it would involve more effort.
  23. Is Kim Sun Ho a Hanyeo? (Hanyeo is a sea woman from Jeju who gives to get seaweed and other sea items)
  24. This article gets funnier and funnier as I read it.
  25. He had to send his friend to go with her because he needed to travel all the way to the ocean to buy the seaweed.
  26. His girlfriend went for a painful abortion procedure and he WENT TO THE CONVENIENCE STORE?!?
  27. He is such a “Good Boy” – buying seaweed soup and introducing her to his parents after. LOLOLOL.
  28. First time I’ve seen cooking seaweed soup to be such an arduous process.
  29. Couldn’t he have gone with her to the hospital for the abortion and ordered seaweed soup delivery?
  30. So it’s true he sent his friend with her to get an abortion at the hospital. What trash.
  31. He personally bought seaweed soup. I’m so touched I’m crying.
  32. So the bottom line is he didn’t go to the hospital with her for the procedure.
  33. So he went to Jeju, that’s quite a trip you guys.


  1. The seaweed soup thing makes Kim Sun Ho look even worse when the hoobae friend tried to use it to make Kim Sun Ho look good by saying “Hyung went to buy seaweed soup and cooked it for her, he doesn’t even know how to cook!” So the friend believes in the Patriarchy huh, that a man who cooked for a woman is already so amazing. Vomit.
  2. “Is Kim Sun Ho a Hanyeo” LOLOLOLOL.
  3. This is such overkill on Dispatch to write an article that makes Kim Sun Ho look flawless and perfect in every way. At least try harder with nuance to make a hit job believable.
  4. C-fans of Kim Sun Ho are still strongly support him, thank god K-netizens have a clear mind. If cooking seaweed soup makes him a good man, why didn’t he wear a condom in the first place?
  5. Just like the ex-girlfriend said, the friend went with her to the hospital. What more needs to be said.
  6. The trending search term in Korea right now is “the same as what the ex-girlfriend (woman) said”
  7. Did Kim Sun Ho give all his remaining money to Dispatch.
  8. So this is a reversal, it reversed 360 degrees yes!
  9. Once again, shaming the woman and rehabilitating the man. Nothing ever changes.
  10. She didn’t get pregnant on her own! He had to have not used a condom, why do his fans keep believing he’s this blameless saint.

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