Elle China Hits Back-to-Back Snafus as September 2021 Edition May Get Delayed or Pulled with Zhao Wei on Cover Due to Zhang Zhe Han Scandal, Following the August Edition with Wu Yi Fan on Cover

C-netizens are telling Elle China to go jump a big god, i.e. slang for getting rid of bad mojos. The Zhang Zhe Han visiting Yasukuni Shrine scandal has expanded and one of the folks scrutinized around him is top C-actress and producer Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao). She’s got no shortage of her own past scandals big or small but nothing career ending and she’s been top of the food chain for a good twenty years now. She has her own agency and signed Zhang Zhe Han a few years ago after spotting his acting talent and good looks combo. The added criticism on Zhang Zhe Han is that his agency team is rude, arrogant, and demanding to work with so of course criticism will land on his agency head Zhao Wei as well for fostering/enabling such a team. Zhao Wei was going to be on the cover and pages of Elle Korea September 2021 edition (the coveted Golden Nine which is all September edition fashion magazines as it’s the largest in size with ads due to covering the biggest season which is fall fashion) but insiders are saying that Elle China will either delay or scrap the September edition with her on the cover. If they keep her on the cover then I say delay, if they scrap her cover and replace with another star then perhaps they can scramble to release it on time. And the reason for netizens to tell Elle China to go consult a shaman is because the August 2021 edition cover boy was none other than even bigger scandal ridden star Wu Yi Fan. Talk about really terrible luck in picking cover stars.

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