Episode 2 of Dali and the Cocky Prince Maintains the Comedy and Warm Sweet Budding Romance as the Action Moves Back to Korea

I know the Big Three networks still “try” and produce rom-coms but it’s been a steady stream of lackluster attempts that never capture the early aughts charm of the Hallyu rom-com of that era. I can’t say the just premiered KBS rom-com Dali and the Cocky Prince (Dalri and Gamjatang) will herald a return to form, after all it’s just two episodes in, but it’s been a rollicking charming first two episodes that has me fully onboard this classic opposites attract and meet cute romance. Kim Min Jae and Park Kyu Young are perfectly cast, like pitch perfect *chef’s kiss* level perfect, and their characters are not so extreme or annoying as the tendency to over-exaggerate all rom-com personalities. Moo Hak is the heart of this drama, so much EMOTION that is genuine, he can’t hide anything and doesn’t need to. He just tries his hardest at anything before him. Dal Ri is the soul of this drama, straightforward but not overly expressive, they have such a great connection from the start it’s going to be a joy watching it grow into full romance and being there for each other. I died when Moo Hak mistakenly thought Dal Ri was a kkotbaem who ripped him off for his mega expensive watch and then vowed to get his revenge. But when he saw her again in South Korea his first instinct is to hide his face because he was just misbehaving in the art museum with a bunch of gangsters there to collect his debt. They are so cute I just want them to not be hurt by others and have fun being their quirky special selves together.

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