Full Set of Character Posters for SBS Sageuk Red Sky Showcases Each Lead in a Different Genre of Story

Okay, I totally love the character posters for upcoming sageuk Red Sky (Lovers of the Red Sky or Hong Chun Gi) but probably not for the reason SBS wants me to. I don’t think its any good or visually all that appealing but holy is it great for dissection. It’s like the drama can’t figure put what genre or vibe to go for and assigned each lead their own story concept. Gong Myung as the second male lead is in a flower boy rom-com, Kim Yoo Jung‘s female lead is in sageuk female painter empowerment drama, Ahn Hyo Seob‘s male lead is in a supernatural/fantasy story, and Kwak Si Yang‘s antagonist is in a court politics and throne snatching intense sageuk. I hope the tonal all over the place mood of the posters doesn’t extend to the drama itself because goodness it’s going to be whiplash. On the bright side, we’re T-minus 7 days away from the premiere woo hoo!

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