Hands Up If You Want 25% Extra Rakeback at Run It Once Poker

Everyone in the online poker world knows that Phil Galfond‘s Run It Once Poker has its players interests at heart. The amount of money and value the site gives back to its players is phenomenal. The trend of rewarding players continues this week with the new promotion known as Top Up Hours.

Top Up Hours runs until August 22 and sees Run It Once Poker’s players receive 25% extra rakeback on top of all the rewards they currently receive! The extra rakeback, which is calculated by multiplying your gross rake by 0.25, is available to all cash game players and sit & go players on the site.

There are two periods of Top Up Hours every day up to and including August 22. Hit the Run It Once Poker games from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and again from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. UTC each day, and whatever you rake, you get 25% back into your account within 72 hours of the conclusion of the day.

For example, hit the cash games tables and rake €25 during the specified hours, and Run It Once Poker credits your account with €6.25 within 72 hours. Best of all, there is no upper limit to the amount of extra rakeback you can receive. Hit the tables with renewed vigor and fill your boots with all that extra rakeback.

Earn Up To 110% Rakeback by Streaming Your Poker Action at Run It Once

Top Up Hours Makes 85% Rakeback Possible

Combining the Top Up Hours promotion with the famous Splash The Pot rakeback system and Legends rewards that is in place at Run It Once Poker makes it possible to earn 85% rakeback from your play! Hitting the top level of the Legends rewards program, known as Legends level, guarantees you 60%+ rakeback come the end of the week. Add the 25% extra rakeback from the Top Up Hours promotion and that comes to 85% or more, which is, frankly, ridiculous.

Run It Once Poker’s Legends rewards program has five tiers, each with five levels. Everyone starts at Clubs before progressing to Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, and finally Legends. Everyone earns 30% rakeback from Splash The Pot (cash game players only), and this is boosted by the rewards from each club level, which you can see in the tables below.

Clubs Level (40%+)

Level Points Required Level-Up Boost Cash Reward
1 60 40 €0.25
2 150 50 €0.50
3 250 25 €0.75
4 325 25 €1.00
5 400 50 €1.25

Diamonds Level (42.5%+)

Level Points Required Level-Up Boost Cash Reward
1 600 90 €2.50
2 850 160 €3.50
3 1,250 270 €5.00
4 2,000 440 €8.00
5 3,000 340 €11.50

Phil Galfond Announces Rake Changes and ‘Legends’ on Run It Once

Hearts Level (45%+)

Level Points Required Level-Up Boost Cash Reward
1 4,500 500 €22.50
2 6,000 500 €30.00
3 8,500 1,000 €45.00
4 12,500 3,167 €67.50
5 20,000 3,333 €100.00

Spades Level (50%+)

Level Points Required Level-Up Boost Cash Reward
1 30,000 1,000 €200.00
2 35,000 4,000 €240.00
3 45,000 4,500 €300.00
4 57,500 4,500 €380.00
5 70,000 6,000 €460.00

Legends (60%+)

Level Points Required Level-Up Boost Cash Reward
1 90,000 5,000 €900
2+ +15,000 5,000 +€150

How Does a €600 Bonus With No Expiry Date Sound?

All new Run It Once players who download the software via PokerNews are entitled to a 100% deposit bonus worth up to €600. What makes this welcome bonus unique is you can make as many deposits as you like for the first 30 days after your first deposit. This makes it perfect for those players who do not want to or cannot deposit €600 in one chunk.

Another great feature of the Run It Once welcome bonus is it never expires if you play at least once hand every 30-days, meaning you essentially have forever to clear your bonus! As for release rates, check the table below to see how fast the Run It Once bonus clears.

Bonus Progression Rake This Get This
€0-€100 €25.00 €5
€100-€200 €57.10 €10
€200-€300 €66.50 €10
€300-€500 €100 €10
€500-€600 €200 €10

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