Hometown Cha Cha Cha Shimmies Up 8.733% Ratings in Episode 3 as a Sign that the Romance Slice-of-life Drama Can Still Get Audience Interest

Congrats are in order for tvN Sat-Sun drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha, arriving late into the summer but has become the winner of the season in ratings for the network. Episode 3 rose 2% in ratings from episode 2 to garner 8.733%, and it’s predecessor The Devil Judge never got past 8% while earlier Mine got over 8% in the 6th episode. That Hometown did this being a slower paced slice-of-life romance is even more impressive, and bodes real well that domestic audiences are praising and enjoying the drama. I’m just glad this is no ship war here like Kim Sun Ho‘s last drama, and can dive back in now knowing the story will pick up and the two leads are doing a swell job of bringing that necessary bantering charm with additional layers as the two get to know each other more. On an accessorizing note, this episode Hye Jin whipped out from her stable of Hermes (hur hur pun intended) the Della Cavalleria Mini in Epsom Gold, which I felt actually a Seoul dentist would buy with both functional and flirty touches.

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