Idol Actress Joy of Red Velvet and R&B Singer Crush Confirm Dating Relationship

Oh this is a cute real life coupling, and seems so uneventful and sweet in a month full of wildly negative news in the entertainment world. Idol and actress Joy from the SM group Red Velvet is a taken girl as the lucky guy is none other than popular R&B singer Crush. I know they both have real names but their stage names are so adorable together as well. They met back in May filming a variety show about pets and both are total dog people, so of course Dog Mom and Dog Dad falling in love and getting together is just the icing on the cake. Even the usual Dispatch paparazzi pictures of them on a date is the two wearing matching bucket hats and walking their respective dogs together. Be still my dog loving and still wildly romantic heart. Congrats to this new romance and a nice bit of positive news to start the week.

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