jTBC Completes Filming on Snowdrop and Further Clarifies it Does Not Distort History, Blue House to take No Action on Citizen Petition

After nine months of filming, this week jTBC completed production on period drama Snowdrop starring Jung Hae In, Jisoo of Blackpink, and Kim Hye Yoon. The timing also coincided with the Blue House finally responding to the citizen’s petition lodged in March 2021 to have Snowdrop cancelled due to distortion of history and whitewashing the military dictatorship government of the early 1980’s when the drama is set. The Blue House won’t take any action as it has communicated with jTBC which stands firm that the drama story does NOT distort or whitewash that history and netizens jumped the gun when key phrases were leaked early on that the story deals with the democracy movement, military government, North Korean spy, etc. jTBC insists that the story once it is aired deals with criticizing the strong arm government and mocking their claims that the student democracy movement was propelled by North Korean spies rather than by true grassroots uprising of South Korean students. The drama is reportedly scheduled for a December 2021 premiere so let’s wait and see.

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