jTBC Saturday College Drama Nevertheless Drops Below 1% in Episode 8 as Viewers Never Did Return After Criticism on Leads Acting Problems and Story Line

There are two episodes left of jTBC Saturday college romance drama Nevertheless and it’s proven to be a failed undertaking for the network. What was supposed to be edgy, modern, and sexy ended up fielding more complaints than compliments and the viewer ratings reflected that. The most recent episode 8 got below 1% ratings for the first time with 0.994% with two more episodes left. The viewers who are still watching also acknowledge it’s not great and that is the problem, those who are still watching aren’t even that crazy in love with the drama which is what underrated dramas with low ratings but raid fanbases need. Leads Song Kang and Han So Hee are going to take the burden of the criticism as acting complaints are the loudest critique though more on him than her. I don’t know if the low ratings and criticism of their acting will dim either’s buzzy prospects as both have been tapped as the Current IT Boy and IT Girl prior to the drama airing and still have plenty of projects lined up after this.

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