K-ent Discusses SBS Toggling the Name Placement Between Leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob in Various Promo Materials for Sageuk Red Sky

In entertainment products it’s a HUGE deal where one’s name is listed in the cast list. I’ve heard it built into the contract and stars throwing hissy fits over it. For K-dramas it’s usually a non issue as even the stars know where the pecking order is thanks to veteran seniority and general politeness. That’s why it’s weird to see a news article discussing the internal name placement for SBS sageuk romance Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi or Lovers of the Red Sky) with two young leads Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob. Apparently SBS has been switching their names around in various promos, when normally it’s set so there is no name switching between the male and female lead in placement. And when it comes to a drama or movie where the title is the name of one of the main characters, that actor or actress gets placed first, case in point My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, Queen Seondeok, et. al. Netizens are unanimously one sided in that Kim Yoo Jung deserves top billing both for her longer duration in the industry (seniority), her character being the name of the drama, and that she’s better at acting. I have to agree and find SBS just way weird and shady on this matter, it should be done the usual industry way and that means she gets top billing.

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