K-ent Industry Focus on the Return of the Big Three Young Actors Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Seok, and Lee Min Ho in Late 2021/Early 2022 K-dramas

The summer wave is over and now K-ent is turning its eyes to a trio of stalwart buzz makers. Whether each brings in actual ratings is only part of the picture, each also generates copious media coverage, online fan buzz, and of course plenty of CF opportunities. This late fall 2021 into early winter 2022 will see the K-drama return of Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Seok, and Lee Min Ho, in different mediums and story genres. Lee Jong Seok is coming back with tvN legal drama Big Mouth (I also see it called Big Mouse) with Yoona playing his wife and him a hackster lawyer who gets embroiled in a murder and fights for justice. Kim Soo Hyun will be on the Coupang Play streaming drama One Ordinary Day (That Night) adapted from the BBC series with costar Cha Seung Won. He’s a college student who becomes a suspect in a murder and tries to clear his name. And lastly Lee Min Ho is part of the big cast ensemble of Apple TV drama Pachinko adapted from the same name Korean-American novel about a family spanning nearly 100 years across South Korean and Japan with many characters having mixed cultural identities. The pundits believe that these roles will be a 180 pivot for these actors.

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