K-netizens Find Netflix Drama Squid Game Just Meh with Bad Acting and Non-fresh Story the Opposite of I-viewers Who Love the Series

It’s always fascinating to see how different cultures view the same product and just premiered Netflix drama Squid Game is generating opposite reactions from inside and outside South Korea. Unlike it’s predecessor D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) which got rave reviews and reception domestically, even reviving Jung Hae In‘s career and perception with K-netizens and rocketed Koo Kyu Hwan to a new level of recognition, Squid Game dropped on Friday and within a day the domestic reviews are really meh. The K-viewer feedback is that the acting is poor, Lee Jung Jae does not suit the male lead, the story and concept is not fresh and too similar to As the God’s Will, and the drama feels slick and lacks heart. On the opposite side, the international viewers are loving it as it’s currently #4 on the Netflix Worldwide chart and #10 on the US chart. I think I-audiences are not as familiar with similar Japanese manga stories like God’s Will and Alice in Borderland though Battle Royale the original movie was a cult hit in the US but that was over 20 years ago. I don’t mind that Squid Game is yet another take on people rounded up to play a deadly game conceit but I watched the first episode and found it really predictable even in all the beats and Gong Yoo‘s cameo didn’t even excite me, sadly enough. The best parts of some of the set design in the dorm used to house the contestants but the first game of Red Light, Green Light was not thrilling/scary at all as we knew who was going to survive and the faceless majority culled. I’ll give it another episode to see if it grabs me more.

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