K-pop Star Seungri of Big Bang Sentenced by Court to 3 Years in Jail and $1.15 Billion Won Fine in Prostitution, Embezzlement, and Illegal Gambling Conviction

This sentence feels like too little and too late as the rich and powerful still don’t pay the same full price for transgressions regardless of how serious. K-pop star Seungri of the top boys group Big Bang was sentenced today by a military court after being convicted of facilitating prostitution, embezzlement of funds, and illegal overseas gambling. He was ordered to serve a three year sentence and also pay a $1.15 billion won (about $1 million USD) fine. His case was tried in military court because he ran off to serve his mandatory enlistment after the allegations first broke, so the investigation and later the trial had to be moved to the military judicial system since he’s currently an active soldier. I think he got off wayyyyyy easy for the magnitude and scope of his illegal and immoral activity, which came across like he thought he was a top dog power broker who could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. I’m glad he did get convicted and sentenced but I’m with K-netizens who think this is a slap on the wrist punishment level.

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