K-viewers Aghast at KBS Weekend Drama Gentleman and Young Lady with the Male Lead at 27 Meeting Cute with the Female Lead Who is 13 Years Old

I’m sorry but WTF is this? One would not expect newly premiered KBS weekend drama Gentleman and Young Lady to have this type of frankly gross misstep but here we are in 2021 still dealing with really bad set ups. The drama stars Ji Hyun Woo as a widower with three kids who hires a bright young live in nanny played by relatively rookie actress Lee Se Hee in her first starring role, and the two proceed to fall in love as she heals his sad soul from the loss of his wife and also helps raise his three kids. It totally stole from Prime Minister and I but whatev. The MEGA GROSS element which was a surprise and totally unnecessary if you ask me is that the two leads actually met when they were kids, you know the childhood meet cute and fated element that K-romance loves to throw in there. But wait, it’s not kids with a plural but kid because they meet when she is a kid at 13 years old which is 6th grade by the way but he’s a naval officer who is 27 years old, and overall they have a 14-year age difference. Yes, you may step aside to dry heave now. I don’t know why these two characters had to have that prior cross paths other than she grew up crushing on him (I guess) and makes her becoming his kids nanny and his future love interest all the more closely intertwined in that fated way. Thankfully K-netizens (and frankly any netizen viewer) found this set up super uncomfortable and inappropriate when it aired in the premiere episode and this drama is getting raked through the coals. Burn away, netizens, burn away.

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