Kang Han Na Gets First K-drama Female Lead Role in Upcoming Sageuk Drama Red Single Heart with Jang Hyuk and Lee Joon

Alrighty, I think this casting is both fantastic and even better if it quiets Kang Han Na fans who have been clamoring for her own leading role. I have too but the general discourse in every drama she’s done recently is why she’s the second female lead and dissing the female lead and that is no bueno for me. The time will come for her and it’s here now as she’s going to be the female lead in the upcoming traditional sageuk Red Single Heart with Jang Hyuk and Lee Joon locked in mental combat for the good of Joseon governance. Jang Hyuk is the kingmaker that wants to create a wise ruler while Lee Joon is the crown prince turned King that wants to strengthen the power of the monarchy after watching his weak father on the throne. The drama will air on KBS in early 2022 and comes from the screenwriter of Marry Me Now?, House of Bluebird, and Naeil’s Cantabile. This is a top notch cast and total *chef’s kiss*.

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