KBS Rom-com Dali and the Cocky Prince Continue to Deliver Colorful and Creative Posters and Teasers

I wonder if KBS tried to start off so badly that anything after is nothing up better? How else to explain the godawful first poster of Dali and the Cocky Prince (Dalri and Gamjatang) followed by seriously creative and excellent ones? The latest after the character posters paying homage to famous paintings is one where the two leads Park Kyu Young and Kim Min Jae are in a painting complete with Renaissance oil textures, with second male lead Kwon Yul perched outside the painting glancing towards it. It’s not just a visually beautiful image, it also portrays the characterizations within the drama, how the two leads are in their own rich world and rather clueless while the second male lead looks serious and perturbed probably because he has to deal with the fallout from when the rich and clueless live their lives within a bubble. If makjang rich people K-dramas can deal with the excessive crazy betrayals and cheating, I love how a rom-com is taking the other side of the uber rich (i.e. the insular silliness) and having fun with it.


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