KBS Wed-Thurs Rom-com Dali and the Cocky Prince Delivers Surprisingly Sincere and Funny Premiere Episode with Ratings of 4.4%

This Wed-Thurs saw the return of the KBS time slot after the network took a summer hiatus post Sell Your Haunted House. This fall the time slot will be filled with the shenanigans of Dali and the Cocky Prince (Dalri and Gamjatang), which combines a plethora of things I love – European paintings, opposites attract OTP, and gamjatang (pork bone potato soup). Seriously, I love those three things. That doesn’t meant the drama would be good or that I would love it but lo and behold, I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. I LOL’d multiple times, the most being with male lead Kim Min Jae as gamjatang empire heir Jin Moo Hak encountered his disapproving dad and they had a revolving door showdown. Park Kyu Young as refined and art loving Kim Dal Ri is so warm, lovely, funny, and her English is exquisite not perfect but so good it doesn’t take one out of her dialogue during the art scenes. The two leads also have immediate chemistry, the drama storyline mandates it with their mistaken identity meet cute but it’s palpable in the air between then and the ending scene for the episode even has him naked falling on top of her in her underwear. Like, could this drama move even faster, and really do I even care? It was such a fun first episode I just adored it for all the things that I had no expectation for and unexpectedly delivered.

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