Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won Disappear into Character in First Official Stills for Coupang Play Drama One Ordinary Day

I feel like I’ve seen the above stills before, oh like exactly a decade ago haha. I’m talking about Dream High which was Kim Soo Hyun‘s breakout drama and his styling as Song Sam Dong looks like he hasn’t aged a day to now his styling as a college student accused of murder in upcoming Coupang Play drama One Ordinary Day. Sam Dong as anything other than the goodest of good boys, fugeddaboutit! On the other than, I’ve never seen Cha Seung Won looking as ragged and slovenly as he does playing the role of a third rate lawyer hired to get Kim Soo Hyun out of prison and clear his name. Both actors totally look their parts and I’m so excited to see what this K-drama adaptation of BBC series Criminal Justice delivers.

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