Kim Yoo Jung is the Chic Celine Mood in New Picture Updates on SNS

It’s just a hair over a month since Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) ended, and as wonky as the drama was it will undoubtedly get year end drama recognition by SBS so I’m excited to see Kim Yoo Jung attending the ceremony. I thought she would take a break until then, the shoot looked exhausting especially with how many night scenes there were. I do have to thank the PD for throwing them flood lights on to film as too many dramas try to be “realistic” with all the murky darkness and all I do is squint and want to throw things at the screen. This week Kim Yoo Jung is back at work seen here in very age and fashion perfect Celine items that just highlight her natural beauty and impeccable proportions. I’m not sure which filter is being used but it looks really cool for this pics.

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