Lee Seung Gi and Lee Bum Soo in Talks for 2022 K-drama Supernote About Counterfeiting Villainous Anti-heroes

Wahhh I love this pairing and what with 2021 rounding to the end it’ll be here in no time in 2022 with how fast time is flying. K-ent is reporting today that Lee Seung Gi and Lee Bum Soo are in talks for an upcoming thriller drama Supernote. It’s tagline is “The Heyday of Villains” and is about a group that counterfeits high quality bills called supernotes. The group are considered anti-heroes so I’m guessing they do wrong things to help good people and attack even worse folks. The drama will be helmed by the PD of Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance and Dr. Stranger with the screenwriter not yet announced. The drama is slated to film from December through April with an eye towards summer airing.

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