Lim Ji-Yeon & Yoon Gyun-Sang cast in TVING drama “The Mansion”


Lim Ji-Yeon and Yoon Gyun-Sang are cast for lead roles in TVING drama series “The Mansion.” The drama series will be directed by Chang (“The Target“) and scripted by Yoo Kab-Yeol (“Man In Love“). Lim Ji-Yeon will play Ji-Na. Her sister disappeared and Ji-Na tries to find out the truth behind her disappearance. Yoon Gyun-Sang will play Detective Min-Soo. He will work with Ji-Na to find her sister. TVING is one of two primarily South Korean online video platforms, with the other being Waave. TVING features content from cable channels tvN/OCN and JTBC, while Waave features content from major broadcast stations KBS, MBC, and SBS.

“The Mansion” will be available to stream sometime next year.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ji-Na (Lim Ji-Yeon) works as a contract employee at a hotel. She appears to live a normal life, but, internally, she is filled with an inferiority complex. One day, she hears that her older sister Ji-Hyun is missing. Ji-Na goes to Rose Mansion Apartment, where her parents live. There, she faces unexpected cases. She can’t trust the residents at Rose Mansion, who seem suspicious. Ji-Na seeks out the truth in her sister’s disappearance with the help of Detective Min-Soo (Yoon Gyun-Sang). Min-Soo is the only one who believes Ji-Na.


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