Lovers of the Red Sky Ends with an All Over the Place Conclusion with Loose Ends and a Saccharine Sweet Happy Ending for the OTP

Crack is wack, chingus! This 1980’s slogan is perfect for SBS drama Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) which wrapped up this week from its wild run. What was a promising sageuk devolved gradually into a crazier and poorly acted near farce by the end. The plot was a one track pony and the behavior of all the characters made zero sense to logic. With that said, the final episode actually wasn’t that bad, it was the best episode since episode 4 so long ago and it felt like the writer actually had a solid ending in mind to deliver this. We learn young Ha Ram possessed by the Demon killed his own dad by accident and it sucks the King kept it a secret so much wasted angst. Chun Gi makes a deal with the Painting Goblin to properly repaint the Royal Portrait that can successfully contain the Demon even if it makes her crazy. Prince Juhyang is locked up by the King for his evil deeds but not before he tells daddy dearest that he’s got the Demon poison in him and needs to absorb the Demon to save his own life. Sorry Juju no one cares at this point.

Ha Ram has some last minute emo session before getting his act together and heading to the sealing ceremony. Chun Gi and her painting friends work feverishly to finish the painting but the Demon takes over Ha Ram before the ceremony even starts. He breaks through and sucks back his eyes from Chun Gi. Mountain Granny and Tiger Girl finally do more than watch from the sidelines and try and contain the Demon long enough for now blind Chun Gi to finish the portrait, which she does when her dead dad possesses her. The portrait is finished and Mountain Granny sacrifices herself to drag the Demon into it sealing him. Ha Ram and Chun Gi pledge their everlasting love and the second half of the drama is all the happily every after cuteness. Strangely the two leads finally have chemistry once Ha Ram can see again which means Ahn Hyo Seob just can’t act as a blind person hence his suckage the last episodes. One would think this is it but no the last 5 minutes of the episode is Prince Yangmyung rushing back to the Palace to don his warrior outfit and face off against Prince Juhyang who busted out of prison after 5 years ready to stage a coup. The end.

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