Main trailer for TVING drama “The Witch’s Diner”

Main trailer for TVING drama series “The Witch’s Diner” starring Song Ji-Hyo, Nam Ji-Hyun, & Chae Jong-Hyeop. The trailer begins with Song Ji-Hyo stating “If I can predict everything perfectly, If I can stop my mind at will, If I can control whatever I want, Will it be heaven or hell?”

” The Witch’s Diner” consists of 8 episodes and streams on the TVING video platform from July 16, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Jung Jin is an ordinary 28-year-old woman with a job and a boyfriend, but her boyfriend dumps her and she gets fired from her job. Jung Jin then decides to open a restaurant with her mother. The restaurant goes bankrupt. Her mother goes down to the country and Jung Jin is left alone at the restaurant. At that time, Zo Hee-Ra (Song Ji-Hyo) appears in front of her. Zo Hee-Ra is a witch and she wants to borrow Jung Jin’s restaurant to open her own restaurant. Zo Hee-Ra’s restaurant would make food that grants a customer’s wish. In exchange for granting their wish, the customers would give Zo Hee-Ra something that she wants from them. Jung Jin is skeptical at first, but she has an incredible experience from eating Zo Hee-Ra’s food. Jung Jin soon works with Zo Hee-Ra and the restaurant becomes popular

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