Namgoong Min is Kicking Ass and Taking Names in New Poster and Preview for MBC Drama The Veil


Everyone in K-ent can tell that beleaguered Big Three network MBC is betting all the eggs in the basket on upcoming action revenge thriller K-drama The Veil (Black Sun). That it’s been the bottom of the barrel in basically every drama time slot for years now with the occasional small hit remains such a fall from grace when I remember the days of mega hit MBC dramas like Dae Jang Geum, Coffee Prince, Jumong, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Princess Hours, Queen Seondeok, and The Moon Embraces the Sun. In fact, it’s last certified hit drama was Empress Ki and that was in 2013! Right now the network just wants a drama to break 10%, and if it can break 20% everyone will be celebrating as will I. Because the network needs to build back up track record and credibility in picking which dramas to produce, and getting top television actor Namgoong Min to accept The Veil does impress me as he is a very savvy drama picker. The first official drama poster is out and it’s very movie like, kinda has a Bruce Wayne escaping from the pit vibe. The recently released new preview also looks good but the action/revenge/conspiracy genre is very hard to write a cohesive story that doesn’t fall apart in the end so I remain cautiously optimistic.

Preview for The Veil:


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