Netflix Releases First Still of Seohyun and Lee Jun Young in K-drama Adaptation of SM Webtoon Moral Sense and Gives It the Most Cringe New English Title

Getting new or occasional viewers to check out K-dramas necessitates a story that is universal in connection but it must overcome subtitles and the general cheesiness factor that most still associate with it. A good title helps and the upcoming Netflix K-drama adaptation of the SM tinged webtoon Moral Sense was well on its way to adding modern spicy until it took a title detour. The first still is out of leads Seohyun and Lee Jun Young (Jun of U-KISS) and they captivate the moment, there is tension and awkwardness and that burbling below the surface attraction. It’s all good and dandy until I saw the new English title for this drama Love and Leashes and I went WTF who thought that was a good title AT ALL. I know the male lead with his secret SM penchant orders a sex leash which gets delivered to the female lead due to a similar name mix up and it precipitates their unlikely romance but goodness Love and Leashes. It’s so so sooooo bad, even a self-published Amazon romance novel by a housewife aspiring writer would not have landed on such a dumbass alliterative title. Please press Control Z and revert thxbai.

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