Netflix Scores Another Win with Army Drama D.P. Deserter Pursuit with Jung Hae In and Breakout Actor Koo Hyu Hwan

This weekend it isn’t all about new drama premieres on network television, Netlix released military comedy drama D.P. Deserter Pursuit on its streaming platform, with plenty of promos, and the end result is basically an All Kill. There are no ratings to monitor but the viewer feedback is so uniformly positively to glowing I can’t help but be so happy for the cast and crew. The breakout star is Koo Kyu Hwan, who is 40 years old but netizens act like he’s a new discovery, and so be it. Better late than never and yes, he is an actor among actors. I’m also thrilled to hear that male lead Jung Hae In, who went through the entire rinse cycle of promising newbie to IT boy to over-exposed is now back to validating on the skill of his own ability and charisma, to which he has aplenty. The 6-episode drama is being hailed as excellent and a worthwhile watch from story to acting to chemistry. Chalk it up to another smart pick up and win for the streaming platform.

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