Picture of Wu Yi Fan in Chinese Jail Spread Online as His Diehard Fans Camp Outside the Detention Center Waving Glow Sticks and Singing in Support

The Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu) downfall continues to dominate C-ent headlines and really who can look away. Here is a male stop at the top of his game who had the looks, money, and power to woo and win girls if he just made an effort but decided nah, it’s easier to drug and rape and then ghost. He has been completely scrubbed from every single Chinese entertainment forum, songs taken down from streaming, his name replaced by a numbers in shows and movie cast lists he starred in, all official and unofficial SNS accounts whether of himself or his fan groups cancelled. But that hasn’t stopped his diehard fans in China and overseas from continuing to support him – overseas fans continue to tweet and post supportive messages on his fan sites hosted overseas that China cannot delete, and his domestic fans have tried to visit him in jail (but cannot) and has taken to organizing fan support outside the detention center waiving glow sticks shaped in his character Fan and also singing songs. A poster who claims his uncle works in the detention center shared a widely circulated picture of a detention cell and circled the person who he claims is Wu Yi Fan, head shaved and laying between ten other men in these shared cells. He has reportedly been subjected to full cavity searches upon as all entering inmates would be, and on the outside his mother has reportedly hired the most expensive lawyers to get her son out of jail with plans to immediately leave for Canada, and she also tried to communicate with initial accuser Du Mei Zhu trying to get her to marry Wu Yi Fan and try to resolve things this way. Hahahaha, I can’t even with this mother enabler still trying to get her precious son off the hook from consequences.

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