Rising Actors Jung Ho Yeon, Wi Ha Joon, and Lee Yoo Mi Rocket Up in Popularity After Squid Game with Multiple Increases on Instagram Followers and Comments

The success of Netflix drama Squid Game is like the gift that keeps on giving, bringing more recognition of Korean dramas worldwide and now also being a platform for rising and/or perennial supporting leads to step up into the broader popularity. Case in point the three younger actors in Squid Game – Jung Ho Yeon, Wi Ha Joon, and Lee Yoo Mi. Wi Ha Joon I saw in 18 Again and he was fantastic but the other two ladies were fresh-faces to me, and each delivered solid acting and showed that intangible element of onscreen charisma. No wonder in just one week the three have experienced an explosion in awareness and popularity as evidenced by their Instagram accounts. Followers have increased massively increased, apparently Jung Ho Yeon doubled her follower count in one day, and even their older posts are getting 1 million or more comments. Congrats to talented stars getting their deserving big break through impressing audiences with their acting acumen.

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