SBS Criminal Profiler Drama Through the Darkness with Kim Nam Gil Ends Averaging 7.2% Ratings with Rave Reviews from Critics and Audiences

This weekend saw the conclusion of the short but to the heart SBS 12-episode criminal investigative drama Through the Darkness (Those Who Read Hearts of Evil). This was one of the dramas that got its airing bisected by the Winter Olympics so the first half and second half had a month gap. Overall the average ratings was 7.2% and the break did seem to stunt the momentum but the second half ended up with generally the same ratings as the first half. It felt like it could have gone up more had there not been the break but narratively the break came at a good pause point so the drama finished with strong word of mouth and great reviews from critics. It’s definitely a worth watch from all accounts and skews towards the darkness mental and psychological probing aspect of a police thriller.

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