SBS Mon-Tues Drama Lovers of the Red Sky Lock Step Up in Ratings in Episodes 3-4 as the OTP Reunion Blossoms Naturally

Gosh, this drama is totally the MOOD for me. Like, I’m enchanted by the whole shebang and after I watch it I’m in a good mood. Can’t ask for anything more, so thank you Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) for bringing back the romance sageuk goodness. Because it’s anchored by a latent fantasy element as the Big Bad (hello Goth Smoke Demon!), the palace politicking is decreased and the remainder of the time filled with cute OTP moments, beautiful painting, and lots of fun interludes. Ha Ram touching Chun Gi activated the Demon inside him but the serendipitous arrival of Mountain Granny and Tiger Goddess Kid sends him back into hibernation before he can pluck out Chun Gi’s eyes. Ha Ram turns back to human hottie and falls on top of Chun Gi like man manna from Heaven. She carts him home to nurse him back to health and he recognizes her as his childhood girl crush after he awakens. Their reunion is interrupted by Prince Yangmyung there to play lord and savior and the entourage hies Ha Ram back to the capital. Chun Gi returns to painting and soon gets the chance to enter Yangmyung’s art competition, which also brings her back to the vicinity of the two men who are most fond of her. Meanwhile off to the side Prince Juhyang is skulking around still trying to find the Smoke Demon he needs to rule the world. Yeah, good times, good times.

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