SBS Preempts This Week of Lovers of the Red Sky Episodes 7-8 for Chuseok Festival, Will Air on September 27th

Grah, it’s the worst to be addicting to a K-drama when it airs over a holiday season, be it lunar new year or mid-autumn festival which is called Chuseok in Korea. It’s a big holiday as it is in Chinese-speaking countries, like the Asian version of Thanksgiving. This Tuesday the 20th of September is Chuseok in South Korea so everyone is going home to visit family, eat tons of shit, and play Go-Stop. Networks will be airing specials and movies so SBS will preempt the upcoming episodes 7-8 of Lovers of the Red Sky (Hong Chun Gi) which makes me feel so empty for this week *crycrycry*. I’m so in love with this drama, the colors, visuals, and lovely interpersonal emotions, last week’s episodes had so much painting plus great movement forward with all the characters. I’ll just have to be patient and eat lots of moon cakes this week to pass the time.

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