Severity of Criminal Investigation Escalates in Wu Yi Fan Detention as Chinese Police Reveals He’s Also Suspected of Drug Distribution

The involvement of the Chinese police into Wu Yi Fan‘s life has really thrust recent allegations of his criminal sexual misconduct in his personal life into an official spotlight. It’s no longer he said-she said, though there were a lot of she said in his case as after the first woman Du Mei Zhu came forward others chimed in about sketchy behavior and/or similar conduct from him in their interactions. Buried in the allegations were that these women all said they were drugged, or at least felt very woozy and didn’t remember anything and woke up in bed with him. Drug use and distribution in China is one of the most severe crimes, stemming from the sore spot of the country from a century ago being subjugated after the Western powers introduced opium into the populace. So it’s a one strike and you’re dead stance in China when it comes to drug distribution, and for even simple light drug use like smoking a marijuana joint for example TW-actor Kai Ko was tossed in jail for two weeks and then permanently expelled from the country. Anyhoo, police have further revealed that Wu Yi Fan is also being detained for investigation into drug distribution and I would be surprised if he doesn’t serve hard time for a long time if both the rape and drug distribution is substantiated. A C-gossip blogger posted on his SNS that during detention and investigation, Wu Yi Fan cried gobs of tears and even his facial injections shifted as he pleaded for leniency and claimed it only happened once. Sure Jan.

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