Suzy and Jang Ki Yong Share the September 2021 Edition Cover of Singles Magazine

The editorial staff of Singles Magazine Korea definitely spread the wealth with its cover model in the upcoming September 2021 edition, having something for both genders to enjoy. Suzy and Jang Ki Yong are sharing the cover next month, she gets the A side and he has the B side for the fashion and lifestyle publication that skews younger and more urban in readership. Their covers follow the same aesthetic, close up shot of the face framed with a stark backdrop, hers pops more due to her pale skin and the bright red lipstick while he’s subdued in a grew tinted tableau. She’s heading into filming for the streaming drama The Second Anna while he’s off to the military next week but will be on the small screen in November for the drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two end up working together in the future whether drama or movie, there are only so many bankable names that can be mixed and matched as onscreen leads.

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