Synopsis of Korean Drama “True Beauty”

Latest Korean Drama which will air in November 2020 titled “True Beauty“, This drama is an adaptation of the popular webtoon of the same name. As a romantic comedy drama, it’s great True Beauty it will be very interesting to watch because the cast members also really spoil the eye. There is Moon Ga Young, her acting is very cute as a beautiful woman but rather slow in the drama Welcome to Waikiki 2, then Cha Eun Woo ASTRO in the drama ID Gangnam Beauty, and second lead male Hwang In Yeob.

Detail Drama True Beauty

Drama: True Beauty
Revised romanization: Yeoshingangrim
Hangul: 여신 강림
Director: Kim Sang-Hyub
Writer: Yaongyi (webcomic), Lee Si-Eun
Network: tvN
Release Date: November 25, 2020 –
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Synopsis of tvN’s Korean Drama “True Beauty”


This is a romantic comedy drama that tells the story of Im Joo Kyung (Mon Ga Young), who feels insecure about his appearance and always uses makeup everywhere to make himself appear beautiful in the eyes of the world. He meets Lee Soo Ho, a man whose heart is hurt, and they then live together while sharing secrets with each other. Im Jo Kyung experiences a thrilling love story with the only man who knows what her face without makeup looks like.

Im Jo Kyung possesses makeup skills and after watching beauty videos online frequently, she has changed from a shy comic book fan to a popular beauty and her social status has skyrocketed. But is this situation only temporary? How long can she keep her “real self” a secret? And what about the cute boy she likes? So curious right?

Korean Drama Actors True Beauty


Cha Eun Woo as Lee Su Ho

He is the perfect man who is the best student in school. Although he steals attention wherever he goes, he has no interest in anyone and is not amused by girls who line up to confess him.


Moon Ga Young as Im Joo Kyung

A high school girl who turned into ‘goddess‘which is popular thanks to her make-up skills. Joo Kyung who is a second year high school student turns into the most beautiful woman in the universe, thanks to her makeup. There is such a big difference before and after makeup that no one knows her real face.


Park Yoo Na as Kang Soo Jin

She is the “goddess” of Saebom High School who is cool and full of energy. She possessed beauty and intelligence, and she also came from a prominent family. He will be in the circle of Lee Su Ho and Im Joo Kyung’s life.

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