Teaser trailer & teaser posters for Netflix drama “D.P.”

July 30 2021

Teaser trailer and 3 teaser posters added for Netflix drama series “D.P.” starring Jung Hae-In, Koo Gyo-Hwan, & Kim Sung-Kyun. The 3 teaser posters has the same caption that states “I am a soldier who catches soldiers.” The script revolves around a military deserter pursuit team (D.P.) who try to catch deserters. Along the way, they encounter stories and obstacles of the people they must catch.

“D.P.” will be available to stream from August 27, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: An Joon-Ho (Jung Hae-In) is a soldier. He is quiet and calm, but inflexible. Sergeant Park Beom-Goo (Kim Sung-Kyun) notices Private An Joon-Ho’s tenacity and ability to observe. He transfers An Joon-Ho to the D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) team. Their mission is to catch deserters. An Joon-Ho works with Sergeant Park Beom-Goo and Corporal Han Ho-Yeol (Koo Gyo-Hwan) on the team. Sergeant Park Beom-Goo looks tired all the time. He curses and nags at An Joon-Ho and Han Ho-Yeol, but he also takes care of them with his keen insight. Han Ho-Yeol sometimes gives An Joon-Ho investigative know-how, but he sometimes annoys him.

Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Im Ji-Seob (Son Seok-Koo) only cares about his success in the military. He does not care for the D.P. team.

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