The History of Online Casino Bonuses

The History of Online Casino Bonuses

The online casino bonuses are the most frequently asked questions by the players because the first online casino bonuses have been given in the year 1995. The first online casino bonuses were given to Sun Palace Casino that gave the bonus of $100 on deposit of $500. The maximum bonus was $100,000 after the 58 wins the customer had placed in the games during the month of November in the year 1994.

The year 1996 marked the coming into force of UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This act tried to shut down online gambling and you will find many online casinos refuse to accept the players from the USA.

The year 1998 saw the passing of the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, which aims to legalize online gambling. The act of legalizing online casinos and eliminating the impediment of USA’s law on gambling has come as a great success in many countries.

Jennifer Harman is the lady who started the online casino revolution when she invented and developed the first online casino software in 1994. She started her company called VIP Slots after improving the marketing of land based casinos. VIP Slots became a publicly traded company listed on MPO500.

Other names in the online casino industry that have unmatched in the field are Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming. These companies have given the best to the world of gaming and they have created a great impact to the industry. There are lots of people who have followed this event closely and they are betting at very high rates. This is the reason why we consider online casino bonuses to be one of the best investments for your money.

When you are thinking of signing up for the first online casino, you want to look for a reputable name in the industry because they will ensure the best bonuses for you. But it is important to read casino reviews and read about the industry so that you will know which sites are the top choices. The bonuses at these sites are higher than at other sites. They are after all free money, so why would they not give it away to you? These sites are great for the money although some might say that the bonuses are ” peanuts ” compared to what you can win from other sites.

There are many sites that offer online casino bonuses. All you have to do is to sign up at one of these sites and make your first deposit. Once you are a member and have made the deposit, you are eligible to begin playing the games for free. However, be sure that you know how to play the games before joining because you need to make a deposit eventually so you can be able to withdraw the bonus credits that you have earned.

The dealer at the site is also an important part of whether you will like the site. Be sure that the dealer is civil every time. If you observe the dealer you will be able to tell whether the site is a good one or not. Earlier sites have a reputation of paying their dealers on time and keeping good hours. If you visit one of these sites, you will be sure that the site gives good payouts.

Some sites only give you the opportunity to play reel slots, video slots, or both reel and video slots. The selection of games is also in the discretion of the site. These sites give you the opportunity to participate in cash games or tournaments. The tournaments in poker and especially in blackjack are also wonderful sites to check out. Sites like these always have great tournaments, especially the weekly ones. The site would not want to lose its bothersome regular customers.

So, if you want to have the pleasure of playing online casino at the place where your casino experience will last, check out the reputed sites and see which ones stand out.

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