Top Movie Actor Ha Jung Woo Attends Court Hearing for Illegal Propofol Use, Pleads Guilty and Pays Fine and Provides Interview to Gathered Media Admitted Mistake and Apologizing

This is about as good as it gets when one f*#ks up royally in life and is caught. Accept responsibility, admit fault, apologize as needed, and hope that atonement allows this to be gradually forgotten and become an asterisk in life. Such is that case with top movie actor Ha Jung Woo as he attended the public court hearing for his illegal propofol use which came to light after the Gangnam plastic surgery clinic was discovered to have administered it to him under his brother’s name and during procedures when it was not medically needed. Ha Jung Woo appeared before the Judge and pled guilty, he was ordered to pay a 10 million won fine (about $87,000 USD) and got probation. Upon exiting the court, he was mobbed by the media and he stopped to answer their questions. He accepted guilt, admitted he did it and it was a mistake, and promised to repent and spend the rest of his life being the best actor he can be for the public. K-netizens aren’t keen to forgive this easily but I’ve seen worse behavior from other K-actors get forgotten so I’m actually good with his direct and contrite approach.

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