Top Movie Actor Ha Jung Woo Back in Spotlight After Father’s Baby Scandal and News that He’s Hired 10 Connected Lawyers to Resolve His Propofol Use Case

Not every news is good news and when bad conduct isn’t a blight on society it would be best for the person involved if there is no news. Such is the case with top movie K-actor Ha Jung Woo, who I find a genuinely great actor with such diverse range and incredible spate of movies on his resume. Last year he was investigated for illegal use of propofol, a hospital grade anesthetic that can be misused for people looking to enter a weightless induced stupor. It was discovered that a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam administered the propofol to Ha Jung Woo multiple times and even worse it was under his brother’s name so it couldn’t be traced. The clinic and his agency claimed it was for acne removal surgery which does not need propofol but it was administered to help lessen his pain and discomfort. Sure Jan. Ha Jung Woo was officially charged for unauthorized drug use earlier this year as he got injected 10 times and that’s not an ooops, I did it again number. The latest report has him hiring a total of 10 lawyers to handle his case and turn it into an administrative charge where he can pay a fine. The prosecutor is digging in and refusing to lower the charges. Ha Jung Woo’s legal team consists of two former Judges, 1 detective turned lawyer, and a former narcotics division prosecutor. He is clearly paying for the biggest hired legal eagles he can afford but I wonder if this tactic may end up harming his reputation too much in the long run.

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