TVing Showcases the Most Active of Yumi’s Cells in Adorable Cute Stills

While I’m glad the cells are getting their spotlight in the upcoming tvN adaptation of popular webtoon Yumi’s Cells, I hope their charm doesn’t undercut the live action leads and the story proper. When I read first few chapters of the webtoon, honestly I was totally adoring the cells scenes and less so the ones with Yumi, despite the two being connected. Each cell has a great identity set up and for the drama there will apparently be some famous voices behind the cells as well so it could be even more interesting to watch. TVing released nine solo stills of the most prominent cells: Busy Cell, Fashion Cell, Love Cell, Hungry Cell, Anxiety Cell, Mood Cell, Face Cell, Luring Cell, and Detective Cell, and paired each with scenes of Yumi in the drama where the cell is in charge.

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