tvN Mon-Tues Drama You Are My Spring Hits Another New Ratings Low of 1.940% in Episode 11 as Viewer Confusion Bucks Up Against Artistic Merit

I remember reading so many novels growing up, I was basically an English major in literary consumption but chose another bachelor of arts discipline for more practical purposes. Novels are a funny thing, as an voracious reader I was able to discern what was good (i.e. well-written) but didn’t suit my tastes and what was trashy but oh so delicious to devour. That seems to be the issue with tvN Mon-Tues drama You Are My Spring, that viewers acknowledge it’s a well made drama with good acting, chemistry, and interesting story line but it just isn’t the majority taste that brings in ratings. This Monday’s episode 11 hit a new ratings low of 1.940% but it already dropped below 2% in episode 8. It’s on my watch list but I’ve tabled it since episode 4, for this weird feeling that I think I will love it if I’m watching with the right mood so I don’t want to waste this diamond in the rough on my usual watch cycle like it’s your ordinary K-drama.

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