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It’s always exciting to see when the drama we waited for so long will get released, and we may sometimes go crazy, too. But for Chinese dramas, the thrill is different, you never know when the drama will air. You may have to wait for days, months, or even years. In recent days, we’re getting dates for some dramas 1 – 3 weeks before they start airing.

In this article, we talk about upcoming Chinese dramas that will be released soon. Thankfully, we’ve got dates for some, but we don’t have them for others. We’re sure they’ll be airing soon!

Release date: 17th August 2021

TRAILER: Douban (not subbed)

Genres: Life,  Drama,  Family   |   Episodes: 36  |  Duration: 45 min. 

The Bond highlights the strong relationship five siblings have with each other.

The Qiao family’s mother passed away when she gave birth to her fifth child, Qiao Qiqi. Their father is a rough and selfish person, leaving the five children – Yicheng, Erqiang, San Li, Simei, and Qiqi – to depend on no one else but each other. As the eldest son, Qiao Yicheng takes the responsibility of caring for his younger brothers and sisters while constantly living in the shadow of his more outstanding cousin, Qi Weimin.

Life may have taken each of them in different directions, but the bond forged by the hardships endured by all five siblings continues to remain steadfast. Thirty years of joys and sorrows follow the five children of the Qiao family. In spite of their complicated history, they rely on each other during difficult times to finally usher into a period of warmth and hope.

SUZY: We all are going through hard times, still life is not the way it once was. While having to work/go to uni from home, watching dramas always gives us comfort. Fitting into the genre of a slice of life, which is not something I usually love, this drama will help you go through these times and also put a smile on your face.

CHO NAJohnny Bai/Bai Yu always delivers superb acting no matter what kind of drama/movie he is in. Although I watched an unsubbed trailer, I can see he really took a serious father-figure role as the oldest of five who brings his younger siblings up. I will check this drama out for him but want to wait for it to be subbed.

Release date: 30th August 2021

Genres:  Action, Suspense, Adventure, Horror   |   Episodes: 16  |  Duration: 45min.

The drama tells the story of Hu Bayi, Shirley Yang, and Wang Pang Zi. The three of them obtained the map of the tomb of the kings of the ancient Dian Kingdom from Chen Xiazi and went to Yunnan Chonggu to search for the tombs of the kings. They found the long-lost Chenzhu Zhu to lift the curse of erythema. They enter the deep valley to the land of the miasma, and the three take on a new journey and adventure.

as Hu Ba Yi

CHO NA: I have never watched the Candle in the Tomb series so I’m not familiar with the cast nor the story set up. But the trailer looks thrilling, full of fantasy mystery. The cinematography and CGI are not bad, either. Also, I found out the cast have played together in other Candle in the Tomb series, unlike the similar series The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles in which the cast is always different. I will probably check it out if this one doesn’t require me to watch the previous installments.

SUZY: Same as Cho Na, I have never watched the Candle in the Tomb series, but man, the trailer is dope! If this has no relation with previous ones, I’ll definitely check it out!

Release date: 8th September 2021

Genres:  Music, Romance, Drama, Family   |   Episodes: 29  |  Duration: 45 min. 

Lin Zhi Xiao is a budding young cellist looking to start her career as she prepares to graduate from university. She has a handsome, loving boyfriend and even has a promising job lined up for when she completes her studies. Then her world falls apart… Just before she graduates, her father suddenly falls ill and needs to be hospitalized. She is forced to attend to his ailing health, and all of a sudden is forced to say goodbye to the job she was hoping to take. To compound the misery, she also splits up with her boyfriend. 

But when she is really starting to feel sorry for herself, she meets Gu Wei, the doctor charged with treating her father. Gu Wei has also had a rough time as of late, but the duo slowly starts to form a mutual understanding.  

as Lin Zhi Xiao

as Gu Wei

SUZY: One of the most anticipated dramas of 2021 for which we’ve been waiting for over 2 years, finally this drama is being aired! The main reason for the excitement is the pairing of two wonderful actors, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, and the drama is also based on the popular novel “Entrust the Rest of My Life to You” (余生,请多指教) by Bo Lin Shi Jiang (柏林石匠), which was loved by many who will be happy to see it in the form of a drama. Apart from this, the music is kinda something which is gonna loop in our playlists.

CHO NA: The same as Suzy, I also have waited for this drama, especially because I’m a huge fan of Xiao Zhan. I even read the novel a long time ago. However, honestly, I prefer seeing Xiao Zhan in costume dramas rather than modern ones, having mostly seen him with ancient garb ;D!

Release date: 18th August 2021

Genres:  Historical, Romance   |   Episodes: 24  |  Duration: 45 min. 

Zhou Sheng Chen, son of Prince Nan Chen, is an accomplished general who is loyal to the country. Cui Shi Yi, the daughter of an esteemed family, is the appointed Crown Princess since birth. As both their families are acquainted, Cui Shi Yi was sent to the Zhou Manor to learn some skills. There, Zhou Sheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi got to befriend each other. Cui Shi Yi grew to admire Zhou Sheng Chen’s lofty ambitions and gentlemanly character and slowly fell for him. She becomes his greatest support and companion, helping him wait for intelligence in the manor, and going to war with him. However, their relationship could not take a step forward due to their respective responsibilities.  

as Zhou Sheng Chen

as Cui Shi Yi

SUZY: Since I’ve seen less C-dramas, I haven’t seen any of Allen Ren’s work and always looked up to Bai Lu for taking many challenging roles. The plot looks a bit on the sad and painful side, which I’m not quite ready for, but the trailer really intrigued me. Get ready with tissues for a long ride, not only into the past but to witness their journey of reincarnation!

CHO NA: Although I like both Allen Ren/Ren Jia Lun and Bai Lu, I sense this one is a melodrama. I would probably watch the sequel, in which they are reincarnated with the same names. I wonder if they will remember their past lives?

Genres:  Romance   |   Episodes: 30  |  Duration: 45 min. 

Shi Yi, a gentle and low profile voice actor, meets Zhou Sheng Chen, a refined chemistry professor, at the airport. Despite the brief encounter, both have a deep impression of each other. To save his family’s declining clay teapot factory, Zhou Sheng Chen agrees to his mother’s request to get married and take over the family business. He rejected his family’s arrangements and proposed to Shi Yi, whom he has good feelings for. 

After marriage, Shi Yi assists him in managing the business, and also serves as a bridge of communication between him and the elders. Facing the pressure of family and work, Shi Yi’s utmost support and relentless encouragement helped Zhou Sheng Chen tide through the toughest of times. The couple eventually managed to salvage the business and preserve the traditional arts. However, just when they are about to reap the fruits of their labor, Shi Yi gets seriously injured while saving Zhou Sheng Chen from being harmed.

as Zhou Sheng Chen

as Shi Yi

SUZY: I’ve read many Cdrama plots but this one looks a bit like my style, no rich CEO and not much cliche or drama, the trailer had a calm demeanor, and I hope it’s not a usual romance drama but something we’ve never seen.

CHO NA: In this drama, as we know, the main characters are reincarnated. Another romantic melodrama. Note that the sequel has 6 more episodes compared to the prequel. Since the characters are involved in the family business, I hope the business part is not draggy.

Genres: Action, Friendship, Historical, Youth, Drama  |   Episodes: 44  |  Duration: 45 min. 

After the Gengzi Kingdom changed, the land of China was devastated, and young people with aspirations rose up to save their homeland. 

Aristocratic youth Liang Xiang, revolutionary party Yang Kai Zhi, and Beiyang Wuyou Guardian Li Renjun became the first batch of progressive young people who went to Japan to study at a non-commissioned officer’s school. They met revolutionary exiles Yu Tian Bai and Qiu Hong on a cruise ship. 

Since then, the five people have been fatefully linked. Various ideological packages in Tokyo have struck, and they formed justice, pursued love, and struggled to revitalize China.  

as Liang Xiang

as Qiu Hong

as Yang Kai Zhi

as Li Ren Jun

as Yu Tian Bai

SUZY: I have not seen many Republican era setting dramas, so this will be a new experience for me. It’s directed by Wang Wei, who also directed Fearless Whispers (2020), which was highly praised, and it also has Li Xian and other talented casts, which is a clear green sign for us to anticipate and stream the first episode without any second thought. The 44 episodes scare me, but nothing can stop us on the condition of the drama being worth our time.

CHO NA: To be honest, the English title of this drama is deceiving. It says “A Love Never Lost” but how is it never lost if there is no love at the beginning? No Romance genre, the trailer doesn’t even indicate a meeting between the only female lead in the drama with any male lead. Although there is ‘Slight Romance’ as a tag. The original title is 人生若如初见, which translated to “Life is as if I saw it at first”. The trailer depicts the experience of the five main characters in building revolutionary China. Probably, the title should be “A Patriotic Love Never Lost”? The cinematography, costume, and setting are superb as shown in the trailer, seems like it is a high-budget production. If you like the Republican era historical setting, you may enjoy this one. 

Genres: Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Investigation  |   Episodes: 12  |  Duration: 45 min. 

This drama tells the story of a serial murder case that took place in Haizhou, a small city in the southern part of the country. 

After the truth has been sealed for sixteen years, people who are inextricably connected with this unsettled case, all holding their own secrets, together they’re waiting for the truth to resurface.

SUZY: I’m a huge sucker for crime thrillers regardless of language or actors. I haven’t watched any Light on Series although I’m planning to, the plot looks interesting and the trailer itself was well shot, so I’m kinda excited about this!

CHO NA: Perhaps the title should be changed to “Light on Series: Who is the Murderer” since this is part of the Light on Series dramas. Having watched several others, I would love to watch this drama. Not necessarily because of Zanilia Zhao/Zhao Li Ying, but because it’s a short crime/mystery-suspense drama, only 12 episodes so it doesn’t drag with filler side stories.

Genres:  Romance, Life, Drama   |   Episodes: 30  |  Duration: 45 min. 

It tells the love story between a Peking opera performer and a stage play producer. 

Peking opera performer Yu Fei was kicked out by her teacher due to a mistake. Producer Bai Fei Li is looking to cast an actress with a background in Peking opera. As their paths cross, Yu Fei’s powerful voice illuminates the stage. However, they lose contact due to an unfortunate death. When they meet again, Yu Fei is in the midst of preparing for drama school as Bai Fei Li faces an unprecedented crisis. Yu Fei begins working part-time for Bai Fei Li while he helps with her reviews for her entrance exam. 

With the grandparents giving things a little push, the two rekindle their relationship. Yet another problem arises but this time, can they work out their issues?

as Bai Fei Li

as Yu Fei

CHO NA: This is probably the most intriguing drama I can’t wait to be released, probably because the poster, character posters, and the cast. All of them sound mysterious, especially since I am in the dark on the main actors despite of having watched lots of Chinese dramas. I have no clue who they are. I guess it’s another under-the-radar drama, which I love since I will watch without any expectation, and only later will be pleasantly surprised by it.

SUZY: The drama is truly a mystery box as Cho Na mentioned. The posters and drama setting look so aesthetic and also I have a huge interest in digging out a drama that is not much popular but deserves attention. If this drama is really good, expect me to spam your feeds.

Genres:  Friendship, Romance, Family   |   Episodes: 40  |  Duration: 45 min. 

Single female lawyer Qin Shi is focused on her career but was rushed into the marriage by her parents. The top law firm, Cheng and Hui, is recruiting lawyers specializing in family affairs, and one of the requirements is to be married. Qin Wei, Qin Shi’s second brother who is also a headhunter, secretly changed Qin Shi’s marriage status to “married” without her permission, thus creating a fictional husband for her out of nowhere.

Qin Shi realizes that she is “married” when her “husband” Yang Hua appears. He was forced by his mother to come for a matchmaking session. Feeling angry about his mother’s forceful actions, he has no choice but to seek the help of Qin Shi. Thus, the two people who are unwilling to be forced into marriage hit it off immediately, and impulsively decide to register their marriage. However, both their parents sense something wrong with the situation.

as Qin Shi

as Yang Hua

SUZY: After Falling Into Your Smile (2021), you will be eager to see Xu Kai in another drama, and Yang Mi (I’m a fan of her) who were hugely missing this year. Here they come together for a rom-com which will make your heart go crazy and swoon over their sweet chemistry, which could be felt for a while in the trailer itself. Tracing the life of two people coming together who are complete opposites in character is sure a treat to watch!

CHO NA: Unlike Suzy, I will skip this drama, despite Yang Mi and Xu Kai (whom both I like) in it. Noona romance is just not my cup of tea!

Genres:  Historical, Romance, Wuxia   |   Episodes: 45  |  Duration: 45 min. 

Bai Feng Xi dresses in a simple white robe like the snowy moon, praised as having “unsurpassable grace,” also happens to be one who acts and speaks freely, wild like the wind, such a person is praised and respected by the rest of the martial arts world. How is she to be “Carefree as the Wind” in such a wrecked and chaotic time?

Hei Feng Xi is completely opposite, dressed by the dark moon. He is graceful and honorable, kind and tolerant. This kind of person that the rest of the martial arts world admires and submits to. In such a chaotic time where morals are loose, what kind of benignity can he accomplish? 

They are highly skilled in martial arts. Although their names sound similar, they are written differently in Chinese. It can be said they are destined to be together.

as Hei Feng Xi

as Bai Feng Xi

SUZY:  We’re halfway into 2021, but still, we didn’t get any amazing wuxia drama to spice up our life. That’s when this drama comes into the picture with the powerful acting of Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si. It’s filled with action sequences and needed romance. It’s directed by Yin Tao (尹涛), who has directed many of our favorites like Under the Power (2019) and Love and Redemption (2020). They say don’t keep high hopes and get disappointed, but here, I’m ready to go to any length!

CHO NA: Actually, I dug deeper into the story of the couple, so I am eager to wait for this drama! Yang Yang looks mighty ethereal, and Zhao Lu Si is gorgeous! And since both played two other characters, though the drama is slated for 45 episodes (yeah I know it’s long!), but with two different sets of characters and two different ‘worlds’, the drama doesn’t seem draggy (hopefully!)

Genres:  Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural   |   Episodes: 55  |  Duration: 45 min. 

During the Zheng dynasty, in the vast ocean surrounding Novoland, the search for a magical pearl, only obtainable from a young Naga girl‘s tears, resulted in the slaughter of the Merfolk. That is how Hai Shi lost her parents, as well as all the inhabitants of her coastal village. At a critical time in her life, Hai Shi meets Fang Zhu, the Imperial  Court’s First Official, whose disciple she soon becomes. 

Emperor Chu Zhong Xu appears to be a self-indulgent ruler, one who is incapable of maintaining order. But with Fang Zhu’s unfailing guidance and support, the nation experiences a newly-found time of peace. His feelings for Hai Shi surface once he learns that she in fact is a female. A confused Hai Shi will have to come to terms with her own feelings towards the emperor as well as those long-held ones for Fang Zhu.  

as Hai Shi

as Fang Zhu

as Chu Zhong Xu

SUZY: I’m not a huge fan of melo historical dramas as it’s a journey of suffering and emotional torture and the pain of going through 50+ episodes, but here, the trailer is kinda different from other ones I’ve seen. Yang Mi is there so it’ll make me check it out once it gets aired. Sorry, had bad experiences!

CHO NA: The trailer looks really good! William Chan and Yang Mi seem to have great chemistry with amazing cinematography. But it seems that the trailer also shows a melodramatic romance between the couple, even without Xu Kai Cheng’s, who is not in the trailer, meddling into a love triangle! Since it’s slated for 55 episodes(!), I will just wait until I know what the ending will be.

Genres:  Historical, Romance, Business, Drama   |   Episodes: 30  |  Duration: 45 min. 

Set against the backdrop of massive economic growth in the 1990s, it follows A Bao, a self-made millionaire, and his journey from being a young opportunist with a troubled past to accumulating dazzling wealth in the city of Shanghai. 

It also follows his entanglement with four women who represent the pursuits of his life: adventure, honor, love, and innocence.

This drama stars Hu Ge as A Bao, and also Ma Yi Li and Tiffany Tang!

CHO NA: There is not much information about this drama yet and it has only information on the male character, A Bao played by Hu Ge. But the cinematography, costume, and setting in the trailer look amazing. Another drama that Chinese historical drama fans who also love Republican would definitely love!

SUZY: I completely agree with Cho Na, the cinematography is just a visual treat! The trailer is well designed to give out much information about the drama and the background score is worth praising. Let’s see if it’s gonna be a surprise or just another Republican era drama. 🙂

Genres:  Crime, Drama, Detective   |   Episodes: 24  |  Duration: 45 min. 

Five years ago, Wu Gang was killed by a drug trafficking organization named “K”, and his son Wu Zhen Feng was expelled from the police force. 

Utterly dissipated, Wu Zhen Feng boards the bus to the borders, while his best friend Chen Yu chases after him relentlessly. Along the journey, the two were almost kidnapped. While saving his best friend Chen Yu, Wu Zhen Feng was brought away by the drug traffickers, and there was no news of him ever since.

When the two meet again, Chen Yu became a narcotics policeman while Wu Zhen Feng is now a famed murder suspect known by the nickname “Addict Lord”. Ignoring public dissension, Chen Yu sets out to find the truth and clear Wu Zhen Feng’s name, but he gradually discovers that Wu Zhen Feng’s return has another purpose. 

The two best friends begin a game of cat and mouse.

SUZY: I’m a huge fan of Wang Yibo, definitely will watch this drama, and bromances are just perfect for me. Seeing the trailer, we could sense that, and also the action sequences are just fire, and the tension prevailing between the two leads is so intense. This drama is the most exciting one for me of the above ones. Let’s hope it lives up to the expectations!

CHO NA: In the past I read the news that initially the director Fu Dong Yu was not too happy hearing Wang Yi Bo was chosen as the anti-narcotic police officer Chen Yu, knowing that he came from an idol singer background and was possibly chosen as the traffic star (liu liang ming xing 流量明星) to gain massive viewers. Mr. Fu also thought that the actor was too young and inexperienced for a serious role like Chen Yu. Wang Yibo worked hard to prove that he is worthy of serious roles and changed the director’s perspective. So definitely I will check this drama out, as I haven’t seen him since The Untamed! I’m sure both actors will deliver fine acting skills!

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