Upcoming drama “Idol The Coup” unveils the cast that will enact as the KPop group named MARS

 JTBC’s upcoming drama “Idol: The Coup” reveals the cast members of their K-Pop group Mars! 

On September 24th, “Idol: The Coup” revealed the actors that will portray the members of the idol group Mars. Kim Min Kyu, Jo Joon Young, Hong Eun Ki, Baek Seo Hoo, and Lee Eun Sang will be the members of Mars. They will be joining the main leads EXID Ahn Hee Yeon and Kwak Shi Yang. 

“Idol: The Coup” will be directed by Noh Jong Chan (“Clean with Passion for Now”) and written by Jung Yoon Jung (“Misaeng: Incomplete Life”). The drama is set to air this November and it will revolve around the music industry specifically on idols. 

The drama will be a special guide for people who can’t part with their failed dreams. “Idol: The Coup” will showcase the story of failed idols who are trying their best to succeed even for once before they finally disband and part ways. 

Ahn Hee Yeon will be portraying the role of Kim Je Na, a member of the group Cotton Candy for 6 years. Their group needs one success for them to officially disband. Kwak Shi Yang will be playing the role of Cha Jae Hyuk,  the CEO of the entertainment company which manages Cotton Candy and the hit boy group, Mars.

For the hit boy group Mars, Kim Min Kyung will play the role of Seo Ji Han, the leader of the group. Jo Joon Young will play the role named Ray. he’s the brain of the group with an IQ of 143. Hong Eun Ki will play the role of Yul, the sweet guy in the group. Baek Seo Hoo as Tae Young, the nagger of the team. Lastly, Lee Eun Sang will play as Dan, the youngest in the group but gets called the old boy.

Other cast members of the drama include Jung Woong In, Han So Eun, WJSN’s EXY, Laboum’s Sol Bin, and more. 

“Idol: The Coup” will be part of the Monday-Tuesday drama of JTBC.


Are you going to watch the premiere of “Idol: The Coup”?

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